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Web Design

You've been looking around on Tom's website for a while, and you must have asked yourself by now, Why are all the pages black and white? There is a reason for it, and feel free to send Tom an email asking him the reason, which is the first thing he learned in the very first graphic design course he ever took in school.

Tom is a minimalist when it comes to graphic design, whether it be for print or, more importantly, for web design.

There are a lot of people out there who think that Graphic Design is about the Next Best Thing. Sure, there are whizbang trends in graphic design just as there are in just about ever communication field.

But the truth is, the best graphic design is about communication, and when it comes to graphic design applied to the Web, it's also about navigation.

Too many web designers listen too closely to their clients--the folks who are paying them. And they design websites that reinforce their clients' assumptions about themselves.

Tom knows that websites aren't about what the client thinks is important, it's about what the customer thinks is important.

Tom is amazed about how often corporate big-wigs get together and spend a friggin' fortune telling a designer how to design a website. Tom is also amused by small-business marketing execs who crafted their business around The Next Big Thing only to stumble when it comes to the basics of web design.

Tom knows how to design a website.

Tom thinks like the consumer of the website. If you don't know what that means, you should hire him.