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In the spring of 2009, Tom and his wife took over a decrepit closed property in the mountains west of Winter Park, Colorado.

Within months of opening, they had turned it into the Number One Bed and Breakfast Country Inn in Winter Park, Colorado, according to Trip Advisor reviews--a rating they always maintained during their tenure.

They didn't have the money to turn it into a "First Class" property, but they had the skills and the creativity to ensure that their guests were welcomed and that their expectations were always exceeded. (Also, the food was never anything but spectacular.)

CONSULTING Tom is available to show you how you can build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand in ultra-competitive markets. You don't need the fanciest place. You don't need the perfect location or the perfect business plan. Tom can help you build market share and loyalty and repeat business. He's been in the trenches; he's cleaned the toilets and made the beds. He's made the breakfasts. He's responded to customer complaints and basked in their praises (occasionally from the same people). He is available for short-term analysis or longer-term consultations. He's done it all; he can help you do it. Send him an email with your questions and see if he can't be an excellent resource to help you succeed.

INNSITTING You have your business on a firm trajectory of success. But, damn, you need a vacation. Hire Tom to take care of your place while you recharge your batteries. He isn't cheap, but he can be bought. He's bonded and insured. He knows how to cook, and he isn't afraid of housekeeping. This service can be folded into a consulting analysis.

HOSPITALITY The ultimate secret of hospitality, regardless of the property, is making people feel welcome and not disappointing them on your marketing promises, but surprising them with your level of service and care. Tom can help you tweak your message and your service, while teaching you some killer breakfast recipes.

Contact him at tombeckwith55@gmail.com and tell him what your needs are.